The Benefits of IV Therapy and Why is it Important

For some, the thought of an IV conjures up images of being stuck in a hospital bed in order to receive medication directly into their veins. While IVs have commonly been used in hospital and clinical settings, IV therapy is becoming more popular among people of all ages.

IV treatments are a different approach, rather than providing people with medication, the IV therapist will infuse vitamins directly into a person’s veins. Most patients who opt for IV treatment report quick results in which they feel better almost instantaneously.

What is IV Therapy?

Intravenous therapy — more commonly referred to as IV therapy — is a therapy option in which fluids are inserted directly into the veins. It is often used in hospital settings to provide patients with much-needed medication or fluid because it is the fastest way to get those products into the body.

There are two types of IV therapy Solutions:

  • Injection — IV injection is a therapy in which a syringe is used in order to deliver fluids to the veins.
  • Infusion— IV infusion is a therapy in which a drip is used to deliver fluids to the veins. This is the most common type of IV therapy.

These therapys can be used to help with a variety of health conditions. It is frequently used to treat dehydration, but it also is used for patients with chronic health conditions. Almost anyone who wants to have an extra dose of vitamins delivered to their bodies can take advantage of this treatment.

IV bag filled with fruits and vegetables

Important Vitamins That Can be Included in IV Therapy Treatments

Treatments can be customized to meet the needs of the individual. An experienced IV therapist will be able to create a drip that will address the needs of the individual patient. Some important vitamins that might be included in an IV therapy treatment include:

  • Vitamin C — Vitamin C is one of the most powerful vitamins, and it is needed by the body in order to function properly. Without the right amount of Vitamin C, people can suffer from a variety of health conditions, including scurvy. IVs that include a high doses of Vitamin C can help the body better absorb this critical vitamin, and can provide patients with lasting results. Vitamin C can help strengthen a person’s immune system, minimize fatigue and improve the look of the individual’s skin.
  • Glutathione — Glutathione is an important part of any IV therapy treatments. Glutathione works to actively eliminate toxins from the body, which can improve the results of the treatment. When glutathione is included, the immune response will be better and the individual will see a boost in energy levels as well.

The Benefits of IV Therapy Treatment

There are many benefits of IV therapy that prospective patients should consider.

Some of the top benefits include:

  • Provides you with the confidence you need to know that your body is absorbing the vitamins. If you simply take a multivitamin or you create a regiment filled with other vitamin supplements, your body may not be able to absorb all of the vitamins you are consuming. Some vitamins rely on other nutrients in order to be absorbed properly. With IV therapy, your body instantly absorbs all of the vitamins included in the drip, which ultimately improves the results.
  • Instantly provides you with the hydration you need. One of the most common reasons for IV therapy is that a person is dehydrated. If you are an athlete, an IV therapy session is the perfect complement to your workout routine. It also can help if you have recently spent a night having fun with your friends.
  • Can be customized to meet your needs. Your IV therapist can create a drip that specifically addresses your own health concerns, which means that you get all of the vitamins and nutrients that you need without any unnecessary extras.

Why is IV Therapy Important?

IV therapy plays an important role in any preventative health care plan. It can complement a treatment plan that your physician has implemented, or it can be used to help provide people with the immune support they need.

Benefits vary for a variety of people, from young adults who have spent a long night out with their friends to middle-aged people who simply want to boost their immune system. To learn more about IV therapy and to find out if it is the right option for you, contact us today.