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IV vitamin therapy has become a growing trend over the recent years. This treatment helps to supplement vitamins and nutrients that patients lack, allowing for optimal wellness. For patients in need of personalized IV vitamin therapy in Boca Raton, 5th and Wellness is the ideal option.

What Is IV Vitamin Therapy?

As the years go by, the essential vitamins that a person needs can no longer be supplied through diet alone. IV vitamin therapy provides the vitamins and minerals that the body needs for a complete and balanced supply. There are many different types of IV vitamin therapy available depending on the needs of each patient.

How Does IV Vitamin Therapy Work?

People typically absorb their nutrients through eating and drinking. However, the natural digestion process reduces the amount of nutrients that are actually absorbed. IV vitamin therapy sends the nutrients directly into the bloodstream through an IV drip, ensuring that all the necessary nutrients are actually making their way into the bloodstream.

IV vitamin therapy recharges and hydrates the body. The essential nutrients it provides are vital for keeping the body strong and healthy. In addition, it improves the health of the hair, nails, and skin. IV vitamin therapy also strengthens the immune system to reduce the chance of illnesses.

The IV Treatment Solutions We Offer

Our menu of diverse IV drips help patients feel better in a variety of ways:

IV therapy drip bag

Boca Babe

Boca Babe is an incredibly effective rejuvenation treatment that we refer to as our Fountain of Youth.

IV therapy drip bag


Our Chelation IV drip helps eliminate heavy metals from the body.

IV therapy drip bag


Our Dehydration IV drip is a mixture of IV fluids used to rehydrate and restore your body.

IV therapy drip bag

Energy Boost

The Energy Boost IV drip can replenish the vitamins and minerals essential for giving the body the energy it needs.

IV therapy drip bag


Glutathione IV therapy is recommended for patients looking for cell revitalization, cell regeneration, and skin lightening.

IV therapy drip bag


Our Hangover IV drip is perfect for patients suffering from a long night and want to get rid of headache or fatigue.

IV therapy drip bag


The Immunity IV drip strengthens the immune system, reinforcing your body’s natural defense levels.

IV therapy drip bag


Our Millionaire IV therapy is our most powerful drip, helping patients achieve optimal health.

IV therapy drip bag


NAD IV therapy is ideal to improve brain health and experience a total body reboot.


Is IV Therapy Right for Me?

Anyone who is lacking essential vitamins and minerals is a good candidate for IV vitamin therapy. It is ideal for patients experiencing fatigue, hangovers, and many other issues.

Your Consultation

During a short consultation, we will discuss your needs and identify the right IV drip. We will go over your medical history, including any pre-existing conditions and allergies, and you can ask any questions you may have.


Your Session

An IV vitamin therapy session can last between 45 and 60 minutes. After the IV is inserted into a vein, it is connected to the chosen drip. The mixture is then gradually transferred to the patient’s bloodstream. Patients can rest, relax, listen to music, or watch movies while getting their IV drip.



You can go back to your daily activities right after your IV vitamin therapy—no downtime or recovery period needed. Personalized recommendations may be provided to optimize the effects of your IV drip.

Following an IV vitamin therapy session, individuals must prioritize proper aftercare to maximize the benefits of the IV treatment solution. Adequate hydration, crucial for toxin elimination and supporting natural healing processes, is emphasized. Monitoring for any signs of adverse reactions, such as swelling or redness at the IV therapy injection site, is crucial. Rest and a balanced diet further enhance the positive effects.


How Much Does IV Vitamin Therapy Cost?

The price of IV vitamin therapy will depend on the type of IV drip used. If you need more than one type of IV drip, it can impact the total cost of your IV vitamin therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an IV vitamin therapy session take?

IV therapy sessions typically last between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the specific IV treatment solution and individual needs.

Are there any side effects of IV vitamin therapy?

While generally safe, some individuals may experience mild side effects such as bruising, swelling, or irritation at the IV therapy injection site. Serious complications are rare but should be reported to a healthcare provider.

How often should one undergo IV vitamin therapy?

The frequency of IV therapy sessions varies based on individual health goals. Some may benefit from weekly sessions, while others may choose a less frequent IV treatment schedule.

Is IV vitamin therapy suitable for everyone?

While generally safe, IV therapy may not be suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions or allergies. Consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended before undergoing the IV treatment.

Can IV vitamin therapy replace oral supplements?

IV therapy, with its direct route for nutrient absorption, is effective, but it should not entirely replace a healthy diet or oral supplements. It is often used as a complementary approach to support overall well-being.

What can I expect during an IV vitamin therapy session?

During the session, a healthcare professional will carefully administer the IV treatment solution, ensuring comfort and safety. Relaxation is encouraged to maximize the benefits of the treatment.

Are there any dietary restrictions before an IV therapy session?

While there are usually no strict dietary restrictions, it’s advisable to maintain a well-hydrated state and avoid excessive caffeine or alcohol intake before the session for optimal results.

Can IV therapy be combined with other medical treatments?

In certain cases, IV therapy can complement other medical treatments; however, it’s essential to inform your healthcare provider about all ongoing treatments for a comprehensive assessment.

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