Liquid BBL & Non-Surgical Butt Enhancement

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Non-Surgical BBL

The most transformative non-surgical butt augmentation procedure on the market.

What Is Non-Surgical BBL?

A non-surgical BBL in Boca Raton, also called a liquid BBL, is a less invasive alternative to the traditional Brazilian butt lift. After a 30–60-minute appointment with one of our injectors, you will leave our facility with instant results that gradually improve over a 2–4-week period.

A non-surgical BBL works gradually, with every syringe adding fullness to the buttock area. The number of syringes varies from patient to patient depending on their natural figure and the desired results. These results are more natural with less down time than your typical buttocks implant surgery and can last between 18 months and 2.5 years.

Most Popular Non-Surgical BBL Injection Sites

• Hip Dips
• Flat Bottom
• Aging Saggy Bottom
• Cellulite/Dimpling Areas

Benefits of a Non-Surgical BBL

• Less downtime than the recovery time following surgical procedures
• Less painful than the aftereffects of buttock implants
• Less invasive than surgery
• More controlled results with gradual increase in fillers
• Low risk of scarring
• Minimal side-effects


Your Non-Surgical BBL Consultation

During your consultation for a non-surgical BBL, one of our skilled aesthetic professionals will meet with you and discuss your beauty goals. They will perform an examination, and photos may be taken as a reference.

They will go over your complete medical history to ensure that there are no potential risks or complications. This will include a discussion of past treatments, any pre-existing conditions, allergies, and current supplements/medications.

Next, the two of you will talk about the details of the non-surgical gluteal enhancement process. Preparation steps will be discussed, as will the treatment session itself and recommended aftercare.


The Non-Surgical BBL Treatment Process

At the start of the liquid BBL session, the patient’s rear end is marked as a guide for the injector. Injections of local anesthetic are delivered to numb the region against any discomfort. Once the local anesthetic has taken effect, the chosen filler is carefully and precisely injected into the targeted areas of the buttocks.


Non-Surgical BBL Aftercare

After your injectable BBL treatment, you will be able to go back to your typical daily activities without any recovery time or downtime. A degree of temporary swelling may be present at the injection sites but will fade shortly.

It will be necessary to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks for 24 hours after the treatment session. Additionally, you must avoid participating in any physically taxing activities during this time.


How Much Does A Non-Surgical BBL Cost?

The exact cost of a non-surgical BBL procedure varies for each patient. The factors that determine price may include the number of injections delivered and the amount of filler used.

Find Out More

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