What are PDO Threads?

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What are PDO Threads?

You’ve scrolled past it numerous times on your social media. You’re watching these videos wondering, what is that bar going through this poor person’s face? Well, that bar just so happens to be your new best friend.

PDO Threads Lift. What are they? Why are patients raving over this technology, and why do only few injectors offer this service? Whether you’re interested in smooth or barb, or perhaps even both, we are going to break down the wonder of threads!

The Science Behind: PDO Threads

While the aesthetics community has universally labeled this wondrous procedure as “threads,” there is a more scientific term for this invention, as there are for most procedures, that you may not be aware of. Fret not, that’s what we’re here for! In the case of threads, the true term that we understand this science by, are PDO threads. What does PDO stand for, you may ask? Polydioxanone.

Polydioxanone was first introduced to the medical community in 1982, and ever since then, has changed the game. This complex sugar is biodegradable, which means over time, your skin will break down this thread into dissolution!

So now we have a minimally invasive non-surgical thread that is dissolvable yet effective. The next question becomes: Which thread is right for me? Barb or Smooth? Well, that depends on what you’re looking to target.

Types of Threads: Barbed vs Smooth

It’s as simple as this: Are you looking to remove fine lines and wrinkles? Smooth Threads. Are you looking to take years off your appearance and lift loose skin? Barbed Threads. Are you looking to do both? We combine smooth and barb all the time!

Smooth threads were created so they enter beneath the skin in a hashtag pattern, thus bringing lost blood flow back to the area; this both repairs and tightens the skin for a more smooth and youthful appearance. These smooth threads are a skin booster, meaning their placements minimize fine lines and wrinkles, as well as build collagen and elastin to damaged areas.

Effects of smooth threads are long lasting, as we are boosting collagen and elasticity by convincing your skin, through a minimally invasive incision, that it’s injured and needs to produce new skin to that targeted area. However, the thread itself will dissolve in a 4-6 month time frame.

Barbed threads are inserted by a cannula that releases a thread with miniscule anchors. These anchors latch onto your skin to produce a lifting action. Typically, the most commonly treated area for barbed threads are the eyebrows, the cheeks, the jowls and the neck. By having these anchors grab onto the skin, tension is created, and this tension lifts the skin tissue.

Effects of barbed threads are long lasting, with results reaching as far out as a year or more after treatment. As for the suture, the thread dissolves in the same time frame as smooth threads would, with a 4-6 month time frame.

Starting to love these threads as much as we do? Let’s dive into what the procedure looks like.

The Procedure: What to Expect?

With every procedure, the first step to the process would be a consultation. It’s essential that our injectors are able to meet with you in person, so not only are they hearing about your areas of concern, but they are able to see it as well. That way, it is easier for them to determine how many threads are needed to achieve your desired result.

Once there’s a plan of action in place, that’s when you come in for your next appointment! This is where the magic happens, and most of the nervousness settles in, but let’s alleviate that for you.

While a smooth thread procedure differentiates from a barb thread procedure; they all start out the same. Numbing! We are critical about patient comfort, and while the occasional discomfort may arise, we take every measure possible to make your procedure as smooth and as painless as possible.

Then, the rest is smooth sailing! Smooth threads are inserted by multiples per area, one quick pinch per thread, that are removed by the end of your procedure. As for barbed threads, these are inserted through a small incision site, by a cannula, that releases the thread beneath the skin. The injector then cuts the remaining thread down to the incision site, for your skin to heal around.

And then you’re all set with immediate results! Just take a look for yourself with our before and afters – they speak for themselves!

Take Your Next Steps Today

Our injectors would love to meet with you and discuss your questions and concerns regarding threads! Wondering if you’re a good candidate? We suggest threads for people of all ages! Preventative care is just as important as rejuvenative care!

Let’s schedule a consultation with you! You can book through our Book an Appointment tab on our website, or call our front desk at 561-409-3128. We look forward to meeting you!